Friday, 20 April 2012

So Much to do/So Little Time

I feel as though April has flown by. There is so much that we have done and that I have wanted to post about but before I can post something else has already happened and my attentions are diverted. Even now my thoughts are elsewhere as I come on to give a quick update.

Long story short here are a few epic updates:

-We have an amazing new stroller that I couldn't be more happy about. Post Pending.

-I ordered a gorgeous new baby carrier and it came a few days ago. Post Pending.

-Easter. And Everything that Implies. Post Pending.

-Evelyn and I went on an amazing little adventure together which included flying to and from London, ON, attending a baby meet up with over 30 babies, staying in a hotel for 2 nights and spending time with new wonderful friends. Post Pending.

-I have been successful at getting under and staying under 200 lbs. I have been even making progress chipping away at those 90s that in a few weeks I should be in the 180s. KMFX for that! Post Pending.

There are lots of other smaller things that went along with April and true April isn't even over yet but the next 10 days will fly by just as fast as the first 20 did.

May promises to be jam packed with activity too. I hope that over the next week I can summarize a bit more of those above pending posts to shed a bit more light into what we have been up to.