Meet the Family

Our happy family has 5 members. Daddy, Mamma, Viktor, Max and Evelyn.

Daddy is our rock star. Having played in touring bands and partied on tour buses I am so glad that he chose to settle down with me. He may be a jack of all trades and like the enigma he is, is also a master of all of them. We love Daddy with all our hearts.

I am Mamma. I love music, food, taking care of my family and enjoying life in general. My turn offs include house keeping and bad drivers. I'm always learning and looking for new experiences.

Viktor is our oldest and is a video game nut. He also has an increasingly growing hot wheels collection. Getting to be so big and just about seven the things he knows and remember never ceases to amaze me.

Max Jack is our #2. This boy is full of funny. At four years old he is hot on his brother's heels with games, hot wheels and getting into mischief. He likes to dress up in super hero costumes and can definitely hold his own while rough housing with Viktor.

Evelyn is our princess. She has every person in our household wrapped around her sweet little finger. She has a shy streak but also loves singing and dancing and is such a cuddlier. At two years old she is even feistier than I thought she would be. I'm in trouble.

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