Saturday, 15 October 2011

Miss Fluffy Bum

In just a few days Evelyn is going to become Miss Fluffy Bum. This past week my two orders of cloth diapers arrived and today we went on a trip to the store to get some fluffy safe washing detergent. I have my load of diapers pre-washing this very moment. The first pre-wash in a long line of washes. I'm just winging it too, there was way too much info on the topic to sift through so I figured I would just do a bunch of washes and go from there. Once everything is prepped and ready then it will be all systems go.

I am so very excited about this cloth diapering thing. Those who have never ventured this way may be wondering how on earth it can be exciting. Those who do cloth diaper however know that nothing compares to a cute little bum encased in cotton (or hemp, or bamboo or lusciously soft micro fibre).

Why do I cloth diaper?
I do if for a myriad of reasons. There are the environmental as well as the money saving aspects to consider. Then when you add the cuteness factor, well, why not? Kind of a vague answer I know but I'm not making a case for it. I love the idea in theory, we shall see how it plays out in reality.

Is it hard?
Psh, like I know. I am a total newbie at this. I had no idea where to even begin. I did tons of research on cloth diapering with my first but only 5 yrs later it's a totally new ballgame. I am so thankful for my mommy group friends who gave me lots of direction and recommendations. From what I can tell, it won't be a heck of a lot more difficult than disposables. It might be some added work (and not much really) but when you enjoy what you are doing is it really work?

What's in the stash?
Oh good, I thought you would never ask!!!!!
This is the whole purpose of this post. I want to GUSH about the two boxes of total cuteness that I had delivered to my door. I am such a geek that I took pictures too.

The Stash

As you can there is a good assortment of goodies here. I'll give a breakdown on everything I ordered.

The Breakdown

 Here are the covers that I decided to start with. Covers and prefolds are a more economical route so I decided to have more fun with the girly prints. That way if there are more boys in our future I won't have to break the bank buying more boy patterns and if there is a girl-well, bonus.
Top L-R: Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in Flower, Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in Bloom, Blueberry Cover in Pink Lemonade
Bottom L-R: Rumperooz Cover in Lux, Thirsties Duo Wrap in Alice Brights

The above photo is the pocket diapers. These are a rather ingenious invention for cloth diapering. Simply it is a cover that you stuff an insert into the pocket for. These are very close to disposables for ease of use. As you can see these are more gender neutral colours here. Pocket diapers are more expensive per piece so I didn't want to go crazy with the girly prints. I will get a few in the ones I like best but you get the idea.

Starting clockwise at the green pattern: Blueberry Minky in Winter Sage, Fuzzibunz in Watermelon, Happy Heiny in Latte, Fuzzibunz in Buttercream and Soft Bums Omni in Coconut. 

Since I am wanting to get the hang of things I decided to sample a bit here and there. I decided for prefolds to try the Bummis and the Thirsties. Whichever I like better I will order more of. I also wanted to try the Thirsties Duo Insert to see how that goes over. Lastly there is a 3 pack of Thirsties doublers.

 If I am cloth diapering I may as well cloth wipe too. I don't see the sense in using disposable wipes at this point because then you are just adding to the fuss. With cloth wipes I can just toss them in the wet bag with the diapers. As I am sure you can read I got a pack of the Bum Genius wipes and a pack of the Thirsties wipes. I'll have to get more though. I really want to try the Fuzzibunz wipes but on the sites I all checked they were always sold out. That must mean they are good which makes me want them all the more. The little bag on the left are the wipes cubes. Just dissolve one in a spray bottle of water and there ya go. They smell strange but strangely good. Better than the fake funky smelling disposable wipes that is for sure.

Here we have wet bags. If you were wondering how the laundry part plays into this show well, these babies here are the supporting actors. They contain the smell and wetness of soiled diapers (or so I've been told). My main wet bag is the white and coloured one on the right. It is a half moon shape made by Rumperooz in the pattern Gumball. I do plan to wash every night to stay on top of things so I have a spare wet bag which is the top one on the left. It is from Planet Wise in the pattern Fiesta. On the bottom left is actually a wet/dry bag. I can keep the dirty and clean diapers in separate compartments without any cross contamination. This is for cloth diapering on the go. The wet/dry bag is also made by Planet Wise and in the pattern Cosmic. 

There ya go. My stash. I will be adding to it you can bet on that. Don't tell Daddy but I already have one on pre-order. I didn't realize that new prints being released was a pre-order kind of affair but it is and I am in love the the Bum Genius 4.0 print Lovelace. 

I want to give a shout out to the web sites I ordered from. I have had nothing but great experiences with all of them and while I do like spreading the love (hence ordering from various sites) they have my loyalty for sure. If you are a cloth diaperer or interested in cloth diapering please check out So Green BabyCaterpillar Baby and Baby Bell Hop. I received prompt and very courteous service from all of them (and great shipping deals for order over $100). Can you tell I'm a happy customer?

If you are interested in any of the products I mentioned fee free to check out their web sites. Each diaper company, style, format etc. has it's own advantages and benefits. I did a ton of research. I suggest anyone else looking at cloth diapering do the same. For ease of research here are some links:
Thirsties Baby
Blueberry Diapers
Bum Genius
Soft Bums
Happy Heinys
Planet Wise

I hear the washer is done so I need to run another pre-wash. About the detergent...I picked up the Purex Free and Clear which is supposedly good for cloth diapers (actually recommended by Soft Bums). When I place an order for more stuff in the VERY near future I am going to order up some samples of Laundry Tarts Soap, Rockin-Green Soap and maybe some soap nuts too. I have wish lists miles long. On that note, off to run the wash again. 

Guess what!! Fluffy Bums make me HAPPY :)

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