Friday, 16 March 2012

The Great Stroller Conundrum

I am in love. It's crazy I know. To be in love with something I've only seen in a picture. When I see it in person will it still hold that same allure? Will it look as sleek? Will I still get butterflies when I gaze upon it? I imagine this is similar to what people feel like in a mail order spouse situation.

Anyways...I am however talking about a stroller. To be specific the stroller is a Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd seat and additional standing board for on the back. Throw in the parent's console and snack tray and belly bar for the kids and I am decked out. Presumably decked out as I would ever need to be as a mother with a growing family. Yes, I would be one happy mum BUT a mum with a grand less in her pocket.

Truly if price were no object I would have had this stroller last year when I first happened upon it. I yearned for it then as I still do now. Yet, here I am, no stroller. Well, I have a stroller (a workhorse, also known as a Baby Trend Sit and Stand. It has served me well but truth be told it is hard to steer and has seen better days). I just don't have THAT stroller. The one I WANT.

Since wants are irrelevant, when the cost is as extravagant as it is, I have to fall back on NEEDS. How do I convince my husband I NEED this stroller. How can I convince myself I NEED this stroller.
 1.Please refer to aforementioned workhorse. It has seen better days. I don't know when those days will run out. Every time I'm out with it I half expect all four wheels to simultaneously snap off and there I am walking down the sidewalk with all my gear in tow and a defunct stroller in the background.
2. I need flexibility and variety. Different stroller situations have different requirements.
3. With a 3 kids and spring on the horizon I want to get out and do a lot of walking. I need something that can stand up to the abuse we will put it through.
4. It would be nice to be able to not have to lug a full size double style stroller when all I need is a single
5. How about a stroller that folds up for quick and easy storage.
6. A stroller that fits nicely in the back of my van

So, really all those other things aren't NEEDS either, expect for the fact that very soon I will need a new stroller. It may as well be a good one. This fact has been well established. My husband has somewhat conceded to this point. What I am having difficulty doing though is thinking of parting with close to $1000 for a stroller (with accessories slightly over $1000). I don't doubt the value though. I have seen demos, I have seen pictures, I have friends that rave about it, I have seen other mums gleefully (smugly) pushing it through the mall. This stroller freaking rocks.

Therefore, I have been on a hunt, a search, sniffing out every possible deal lead on this puppy. Alas, they are snapped up. Any deal is done and the embargo and price freeze on these is pretty impressive actually. My hunt then turned to a suitable second choice. I have checked out the Graco versions of the sit and stand and I don't want a full double because that defeats point number four. I have looked at some other styles similar to the City Select but just not liking their style and their price point, I need a suitable option cheaper not more expensive.

And there you have it. The great stroller conundrum. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. The stroller I WANT (and NEED) and the strollers I can afford (so to speak). I will see what happens in the coming weeks. I am hopefully going on a little city adventure with baby E in mid April and want this situation sorted out by then.

From this point forward though I will use what I know of the laws of attraction and I'm going to attract me that sucker. I'm going to picture it, I'm going to dream of it. I've pinned it even. When the time comes to go look in earnest I will take my husband with me, I will try to make it look sexy like girls in bikinis do with sports cars. I will plead my case and extol it's virtues.

In the words of Wayne Campbell "It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine."

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