Friday, 11 May 2012

Be Gone!

Wouldn't it be awesome if there were a magic wand you could point to all your trouble zones and just utter the words Be Gone, and poof, the trouble zones would disappear? Be Gone back fat. Be gone thunder thighs. Be Gone belly. I'm sure I could go on and on. The inventor of this magic wand could sell it for a pretty penny and make quite a fortune.

Sadly, there is no magic wand. Losing weight and working on those trouble areas takes a long time. A very long time. Even once the weight is gone then there is the maintaining. Without diligence the weight can slowly creep back on and before you know it you are tucking away those skinny jeans and actually considering if you can get away with your stretchy maternity pants.

So, where does that leave me? Working hard, that's where it leaves me. In another month or so it will have been a year since my big weight loss journey began. Today specifically marks the start of the 4th round for the biggest loser group I am in. In honour of that I thought I should give an update of my progress so far and how I have gotten here.

Recap: I started out at 247.2 lbs. My starting weight today is 191.8. That means to date I have lost 55.4 lbs. Just to put that into perspective, my strapping almost six year old weighs in at 49 lbs. I've lost a whole six year old!! I can barely pick him up and when I do I can't believe I used to carry that around and thought really nothing of it.

My overall goal is still 175 however I will not limit myself to that either. I am hoping by mid July to hit that goal and seeing as how the 4th round doesn't end until mid August I may make even more progress than I initially thought.

How am I accomplishing this? Damn hard work that is how. I'm not using any pills or shakes or things of that nature. I don't believe in that. Weight loss is meant to be hard for a reason. It is so you can truly appreciate your new form. The result is so much sweeter the harder you work for it.

For the most part I am diligent with portion sizes and journaling my food intake. That is key. I have made peace with the fact that for my whole life I will have to keep an eye on what and how much I eat. To do this portion control etc. I am following the weight watchers plan. I've done it before so while I am not actively a ww member or going to meetings I have the materials from prior programs and my biggest loser group is providing me with all the support I need.

As far as exercise goes I must admit I am a tad on the lazy side. However now that I have broken the 200 lb mark I know that I have to kick up the metabolism to stay on course. I have been doing some of the 30 Day Shred, some Pilates and lots of walking. I also heard that getting some lovin' burns lots of calories (so.I.have.heard).

A word on Tea. I'm not drinking any special weight loss teas but just drinking a lot of tea in general. It's a nice flavourful way to get my water in. Lots of teas have tons of antioxidants. My morning tea is half the points my morning coffee is (I like lots of cream and sugar in my coffee while some teas I don't even need anything). Drinking a lot of tea is also keeping me from chugging back the Coke Zero.

Purging the fat clothes. I made a decision the other week to go through my closet and take out every piece of "fat" clothes and get rid of them. When you keep those in your closet they are too much of a fall back. When your pants feel snug it is too easy to reach in for some looser pants if they are there. If there aren't there it forces you to re-evaluate. I can proudly say that a few of my former skinny pants are even now in the fat clothes bag.

So here I am. Geared up for round four. I sure hope I win this time. I don't need a magic wand to say Be Gone! I have my motivation and enthusiasm to do that.

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