Monday, 22 October 2012

Great Things are Worth the Wait

At the very beginning of the January '12 Daddy joined a rock band. He has been in a variety of bands before from touring top 40 style to original bands. Then there is the stuff we do together not to mention the library of songs he has written himself.

The band he joined at the beginning of the year has a twist. They are a cover band. More of a full on act covering the Ramones, Blondie, and Cyndi Lauper. They also have their sights set on a big goal. International touring. Yup. That's right. Think tourist destinations. Think Vegas. Think HUGE hotels with clubs and bars where the band plays every night to a different crowd because the crowd always changes. Keeping the people entertained is priority #1.

Daddy was recruited into this band project by the frontman who has quite an impressive track record of rocking himself. They have known each other somewhat for a while and sometimes paths cross because they are meant to. The frontman of the Ramones act also happens to be married of the amazingly talented woman who portrays both Blondie and Cyndi (who she can pull off being a dead ringer for).

So what do you get when you combine years of hard work, major talent, and committed band members? You get something destined for great things. Something that is going to ROCK!!

Now the band started jamming and practising in January. Then in the early spring practices became more like rehearsals (like wigs and outfits style). May rolled around and they played a very specific show. It was a music video shoot really. The band ran through their act and it was taped on HD cameras and would be eventually edited.

So we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally the video was done. Aaaand it sucked. Don't get me wrong, the band didn't suck. The person who did the video editing sucked. Not only did it take longer that it was supposed to but it was a product that no one would be willing to put their name on.

The mastermind behind everything (who I will just keep referring to as Frontman) took it then upon himself to reedit and remaster the video and synched audio. I don't know if you have ever taken it upon yourself to edit a little movie or video or use iMovie but frustrating doesn't even come close. I have huge respect for this man for everything he has done with this band project.

So we waited. And waited. And waited. When you start waiting so long it becomes hard to keep faith in the project but I never let mine falter because I knew that is when I needed to have it the most. FINALLY the new video was finished. Aaaand it was AMAZING. I can not say enough what a fantastic job he did on everything. Since a picture says 1000 words imagine what some videos can say...
BLONDIE by Atomic Blondie

CYNDI LAUPER by True Colors

RAMONES by Maroons NYC

In addition to the videos being complete the web site is also up and running. You can check them out at Top Tier Tributes where there are a whole load of still shots as well as song lists. These rockers truly Rock the Rock. 

Now as you can maybe guess now we get to wait some more. It is time for the DVD to be farmed out to a variety of different booking agencies. See who bites. See where this goes. 

Summer and almost fall are over and the video is finished (which means Frontman's time is back available) the band will be back to rehearsing. That means normally a few nights a week and a weekend day are devoted to practice (not to mention the constant practice that Daddy does here around home). It may put some extra strain on me but I figure it is good practice for when the band has to travel and we don't go with them (although we hope to go along for a lot of it). 

With all that being said I'll close now. I think I'll give the videos another watch (Evelyn loves dancing to Blondie and Cyndi and fist pumps for the Ramones).

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