Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Outing At The Museum

One of my favourite places to go while growing up was the Manitoba Museum. I anxiously awaited the grades when our small town school would have a field trip into Winnipeg. One of the parts of that field trip was always a trip to the Museum. Even into early adulthood my love for the museum has remained.

No surprise then that as a mother I love taking the kids there. Luckily Daddy has always loved the museum as well. At this point we have a family membership. For about $110 we can go to the museum as often as we want for the year, go to the main gallery, the science gallery, and unlimited planetarium shows. HOW COOL IS THAT!!??!?!

This isn't even the first time I have written about the museum. You can also read this blog post on it.

Since we are a homeschooling this just completely makes sense for us. Such as yesterday. Yesterday it was raining which means that Daddy can't work. So therefore it became field trip to the museum day. Woohoo. It is debatable who was more excited. Me? Or the kids.

When I think back I have always had a deep interest in Aboriginal culture. I think that really is a root of my love for this place. You walk into the main gallery and you are instantly front and centre with a buffalo hunt diorama. And speaking of dioramas this place is full of them. Definitely another reason I love the place.

Over the years the museum has changed slightly but in my opinion it just keeps getting better. Some of our favourite parts are the big ocean screens, the polar bear, the Nonsuch and docks, the bat cave, and old Winnipeg. Also I personally can't get enough of the amazing Aboriginal dioramas. There are a lot and they are so well done. In the science gallery we always also have to take a peek into the mirror room.

I wish I had a chance to take more pictures this time around but only snapped a couple.

It was a fun day and we were lucky to get to spend it together. Afterward both Max and Evelyn were tuckered and fell asleep quickly so we even got to have a nice quiet drive. Vik stayed entertained playing games on my iPhone. 

I'd call that a happy day!


On another note: It has been awhile since my last post. I have been working on quite a project. Something that means a lot to me. Something that involves my weight loss success and all the information I have learned along the way. I hope to reveal all in another month. I'm excited!!


  1. This sounds like such a fun place. The membership price is incredibly reasonable, I would do the same thing! Spontaneous field trips are always the best memories!

  2. They are! It has been requested that next time we take along a picnic. They want to take picnics everywhere :)