Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hitting the Stage

I am very excited that in a few short weeks Daddy and I will be playing "out". That's right, on September 30th we will be rockin' the roof at Holy Family Parish. It has been far too long since one of us has been on stage in some form and even longer since we have been on stage together. I am looking forward to this opportunity with great anticipation (and anxiety).

Since we are a duo, Daddy and I, have a fairly simple set up. Two guitars, one mic for sure, two if we can figure out some backups for Daddy. More than likely we will both plug in the electric acoustics. Our set list will be short, kept to about 4 songs tops.

I am still not 100% sure on what our set list will be but I am really hoping that we can hammer out one of the newest songs I have been working on. It has a bit of a bluesish bass bit (as blues as this former farm girl can get) and while the lyrics are fully complete here is a sample...

"Every day, is like a fight, tryin' to get closer to the light
Time flies so very fast, so for now, I've having a blast....

....and who says you can't ever go home
but for someone who's never left, never left
how the hell would you know...

You do it right, you do it wrong
Tryin' to make yourself belong
It ain't healthy, it ain't wise
But I'm no saint so I won't criticize...

...and you're never gonna make it on your own,
who's got your back,  pickin' you up,
keepin' you on your toes..."

One of the best parts about this little gig of mine is that it is for an great cause. It is a fundraiser for the Catholic School of Evangelization which is a non profit organization and runs completely on donations and fundraising efforts. This particular fundraiser will be done in a coffee house fashion and the organizer is a dear friend. If you are interested about the fundraiser or the organization itself please visit Anita at the Catholic School of Evangelization.

I better run now, I have LOTS of practicing to do.

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