Sunday, 18 December 2011

Brunch at Hotel Fort Garry

This year marked our 5th annual family brunch at the Hotel Fort Garry. This historic hotel was Winnipeg’s first luxury hotel and every Sunday their brunch continues to convey this feeling of decadence through both taste and visual appeal. From the always full glass of orange juice to the chocolate fountain and every delicacy in between this hotel delivers. 
Every year the menu changes slightly while some staples can always be found and after five years we have all perfected our best game plans. Mine includes starting with the cold salads and the baron of beef while my husband prefers to create his base layer out of the desserts. 
Honestly though words can not do justice the awesomeness of this brunch buffet and since a picture can tell a thousand words I will leave up to a few snapshots to give a glimpse. 

Normally I don't do the "breakfast" and "lunch" items at the same time but since I had three kids waiting I got as much as I could in each trip. Here we have an omelette (with cheese, onions, peppers, mushrooms and ham), some top grade roast beef, steamed veggies, beef tips in some kind of wine gravy, roasted chicken in another kind of yummy sauce, arctic char in yet another sauce, hash browns and bacon. 

This is my cold plate with appetizer type fare. I chose some red potato salad, shrimp and cocktail sauce, a couple fancy crackers (one had thyme in it), a lettuce mix with a champagne vinaigrette, a pasta and bacon and green bean cold salad, and then some random grapes, pickles, dates and apricots. 

Viktor scored some cold slab ice cream and gummy bears from the dessert section.

I did all my sweets together. There is a waffle with raspberries and whipped cream, a cherry danish, some kind of chocolate dessert square and a short bread. Of course there were some chocolate fountain items as well: strawberry, pineapple, pound cake and 2 coconut covered marshmallows. 

These shrimp are a coveted item. They make only a few at the time, deep fried fresh and are almost always gone. I almost thought I was out of luck but as I was about to head to my table I saw the chef bringing fresh ones from the kitchen. I turned on my heel and chased him to their station. I may or may not have cut someone off. I grabbed three, because that's how I roll.

Here are a few pix of the brunch set up...

 This is the view of the main area from the balcony. The tree is surrounded by the hot chaffing dishes containing everything from beef tips to hash browns to eggs benedict. 

A view from behind the omelette and carver stations 
(they featured roast beef, roast turkey and pea meal bacon).

A few close ups of the Christmas tree and displays.


 The breads display 

 Any perfect brunch isn't complete without a chocolate fountain and a vast array of desserts. Oh the desserts...

On a high note (as if the brunch itself wasn’t enough) the children were on their top behavior. Sure they popped out of their chairs a couple times but for the most part they got their fill and had fun sitting beside various family members throughout our time there. Couldn’t have asked for more. 
If you are ever in Winnipeg on a weekend and have the opportunity (and $40 per person) I highly recommend going. You will leave full and satisfied and thoroughly delighted. 

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