Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Macs Back


Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Mac is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Complete with new hard drive?

Cue sad face :(

Yup, it was the hard drive (which as we well know means loss of what? Data).

 I have a brand spankin' new hard drive in my MacBook (at least I'm pretty sure it's not just refurbished). They also kindly gave me back my original hard drive so I could have it undergo some data recovery. I'm realistically optimistic in that future venture.

I have had my MacBook back for just about a week now and I've loaded and reloaded and  downloaded. We are just about nearing normalcy. I have also begun rewriting some of the many many documents and spreadsheets I had. I am finally realizing how many lists and plans I had typed out. My file saving was in a bit of a jumble so at least I am saving and creating folders in a much more organized way.

So, is there a lesson in all this? Yes. Back up my shiz. Like, all the freaking time. On various sources. I still have to do a transfer of things from my old external drive to the MacBook and once I am finished I will wipe it and then do a full time machine backup. After that I think I may procure myself some USB sticks and start saving things to that (especially homeschool and traveling docs) and it was suggested to me to save pics on DVDs so I need me somma those as well.

So all is not lost. And what is lost may be found. And what is not found I will make peace with. In reality with pictures it is pretty much only the last year that is gone (but it's been a big year with Evelyn, ya know?). The external drive should have about up to last May on it, if it doesn't I may have a heart attack then.

There ya have it. The trials and tribulations of my MacBook.

Oh, and I would like to add that the folks at the Apple store were amazing. From booking my appointment online, to being checked in as soon as I got to the store, to the assistance and reassurance of the tech, to the speedy repair and finally with the whole pick up experience. Everything ran quickly and smoothly. They are efficient. I was also very very pleased (and redonkulously lucky) that my warranty covered the cost of the tech service and new hard drive and will continue to cover the replacement drive in case it blows.


In other news, I am rewriting great deal of blog posts and I am behind in writing so many things. I have a few topics I really want to write about coming up as a catch up:

-Our ongoing Nature Project (lack of technology leads to more nature, go figure)
-Homeschool Plans for 12-13 (and hop on the blog linky up thingy from iHomeschoolnetwork. I have a few posts to do to get caught up on all that business)
-My weight loss journey to date (going really well btw)
-Mo Music, Mo Music, Mo Music (I have little vids I want to make and upload, plus I just found out about GodTube)

I hope to inundate my blog with a flurry of posts in the upcoming days/weeks.

Mac is back. For that I am UBER happy!

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