Saturday, 11 August 2012

One Sad Mac

So here I sit, typing this post on my iPhone. My MacBook has crashed and I am crushed. So many pictures are gone. I'll have reload so many CDs. I had a number of posts I was in the middle of working on. Spreadsheets. Documents. Videos. Aaaaarrrrggghhhh. 

Despite some top notch effort my defunct hard drive yields no salvageable material. I am hoping my warranty will cover a new hard drive and I can have my dead one undergo some further data recovery. 

Let me just say too that no computer gives me just a touch of anxiety. I am a mild technoholic (mostly with my Mac). I have Wifi for my iPhone so I'm still "connected" but it isn't just that. I use my computer for writing out charts, agendas, plans, lists. Not to mention my curriculum plans. Oh and some new music I've been writing. 

Overall it sucks. Big time. I am however looking at the big picture. Some time away from my computer can be good. Letting go can be good. Re-prioritizing can be good. I'm scratching away the dark clouds of hard drive failure to reveal streaks of silver lining. 

Oh yes, there are lessons. How about BACKUP your shiz yo!! Yeah, I'll be doing that. I'll be setting time machine backups plus additional copies of important stuff from now on. Lesson learned. 

So now that leaves me slightly in a blogging bind. Posting from a phone is a bit slow and tedious. With any luck the repair will be swift and I'll be back in business. I can then worry about data recovery while having my techno baby back. Then I'll be back to happy. No computer makes me a tad less sunny than usual. Not for long though. Not for long. 

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