Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Curriculum On Order

I am so FREAKING excited. I went on a bit of a blitz the last few days and ordered pretty much everything we will need for homeschool right up until I need to order stuff for the little super hero to delve into kindy come January (specifically math and handwriting, everything else he will already be following along). The only thing I haven't ordered yet is our Canadian geo/hist program which I will be ordering within the week.

So as it stands I have nine orders due to arrive over the next few weeks. I am doing a happy dance in my chair right now. I love books and I love getting fun mail so it's going to ROCK!

Once things start arriving I will begin compiling a post on all of it but for now I have this on order:

Math U See Alpha from Math U See
Supplemental History Books from Rainbow Resource
Supplemental Science Books from Amazon.ca
Science and General Reading Books from Amazon.ca
Veggietales (including a piano book) from Chapters
Environmental Awareness Info from Kids for Saving the Earth
Science Curriculum for Elemental Science***Great story about them!
Story of the World I and A Child's Geography of the World (plus a few extras) from ChristianBook

Lastly, I ordered Mabels Labels. I admit a total impulse purchase. I used the labels I still had from them a few days ago and noticed they were both low and then recalled that Evelyn doesn't have her own. I'm not sure if anyone gets it but there is a certain irony to needing name/school supply labels as a homeschooler, like really?? But honestly we do use them. So I ordered some up for each kid plus I ordered a sticky label set for us to have as a family. Can't wait for them to arrive!

I am totally tickled to get everything arriving in time. I feel like I am on top of everything. Now I guess I should teach the stuff eh?? I guess that means I can start making our school supply list. I get just as jazzed about trips to staples as I do about ordering books online ;)

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  1. I'm so excited for you to use Math U See, I love it! I know I've already said this, but thanks for leading me to Rainbow Resource!!!