Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Holiday Wrap Up

Today is the "twelfth" day of Christmas. No, my true love did not give me 12 drummers drumming or 12 silver crosses as per the Twisted Sister version (hilarious by the way). I have an interest in these twelve days and I blame my mother (as don't we all, for everything) for that. Growing up we had a felted and fabric twelve days of Christmas banner and when that got old and tattered she made little wall quilts to represent the days. Mostly though it was due to a fantastic article she read in some random Christmas book that explained the symbolism.

It should be no secret that I love me some symbolism. Signs and omens, can't get enough of those either. Anyways, before I do the full wrap up I would like to share with you the symbols as I have learned them. It all goes back in history to the 16th Century when during religious wars Christians needed to keep their faith under wraps. These symbolisms allowed them to profess their faith without risk of persecution. Yes it is possible that it is totally a secular song with no religious intent however with out anything to disprove that I choose to believe because faith is about believing not seeing.

To begin...True Love (God)

1st Day...Partridge in a Pear Tree (Christ)
2nd Day...Two Turtle Doves (Old and New Testaments)
3rd Day...Three French Hens (Three Theological Virtues)
4th Day...Four Calling Birds (The Four Gospels)
5th Day...Five Golden Rings (First Five Books of the Old Testament)
6th Day...Six Geese a Laying (The Six Days of Creation)
7th Day...Seven Swans a Swimming (Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit)
8th Day...Eight Maids a Milking (Eight Beatitudes)
9th Day...Nine Ladies Dancing (Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit)
10th Day...Ten Lords a Leaping (The Ten Commandments)
11th Day...Eleven Pipers Piping (The Eleven Faithful Apostles)
12th Day...Twelve Drummers Drumming (Twelve Points of Doctrine in the Apostles' Creed)

Now, I don't know about you but many people, myself formerly included, do not like this song. They find it annoying and dragging and looooong. However, since discovering the symbolism contained I actually rather enjoy singing it. Testify!! In Code!!!

Click Here for for expansion on the code and the symbolism of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Now, tomorrow being January 6th, marks the Feast of Epiphany. When the wise men came to adore and bring gifts to Christ. In my family the end of the 12 days and the feast of Epiphany pretty much wraps up our Christmas and Holiday celebrations. Tonight we will take down the tree and tomorrow the village, nativity and remaining decorations.

With that in mind I better darn well wrap up this wrap up eh?

Overall, the whole Holiday ROCKED!!! Daddy got to stay home the entire holiday and we spent a lot of lovely time together (including a nice dinner out). Everyone was spoiled as usual (including myself). We made some great new years goals and are already well on our way to accomplishing them.

Here are just a few pix I would like to share...

Evelyn in her Christmas Mass outfit. I am in love with her hat. It is from Liv & Lily. Such beautiful children's accessories and big things are happening for them (Hello, Hollywood???)

Max laying out the stockings with care. My mum has made all these stockings except for one. Her own. She has never made herself one. It is already my plan to make her one for next year.

Under the tree Christmas morning. It is obscene every year the amount of gifts we give and receive. 

Viktor with his Angry Bird

Max and the Batcave

Evelyn and her first Dolly.

This boy loved the cranberry sauce!      MMMMMMM Christmas Dinner!!!

Auntie Ang and Viktor playing Sequence Kids and Ang teaching Viktor how to use a sling shot (yes, my sister got my sons sling shots for Christmas. We Love/Hate each other)

I took this with the Instagram App (it's fun). 
The boys were having a great time checking out Grandma's tree.

Some family Bingo fun after the big
Christmas Dinner. We took home a magnifying glass and a whoopee cushion.
I guess that about wraps up the wrap up. Except, what about Daddy and I you ask? Well,  I got him a new Crybaby Wah pedal and a subscription to Guitar Aficionado magazine. I also got him a Lush Massage bar for sore muscles. In my sock he put some guitar accessories and a promise to "hot rod" my guitar for me AND despite having told him that I didn't deserve any jewellery for Christmas because I lost my beautiful bracelet from last year he got me this...

Well, that's it for the wrap up folks. 

Check back soon for a fun little project I'm going to do for my blog!

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