Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Max and the Big 0-3

Three years ago today our Max was born. He came into the world via a VBAC and only 4 or so hours of labour. He was 7 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long (I loved that-I have a thing for number patterns). Labour although short was hard and with virtually no medication it was tough. It seems so long ago yet only like yesterday. 

Max is now a strapping young lad with a love of super heroes (especially Ironman and Batman-Uh oh, DC/Marvel). I have noticed such huge changes in him even in just the last few weeks. I know they get older but every time I look at him I still see my little baby.

Max at a week old and at one year.

Max's 2nd Birthday and just under a month short of three.

We had quite a time coming up with what to do to make his day special. There were a few details that were easy. Batman cake? Check. Batman balloons? Check. Activities and Fun? Uh.....what?
Since we don’t do the daycare or school thing and we are new in the homeschooling community it meant that we didn’t really have anyone to invite to a party. Our house is small too so hosting a party here wasn’t really an option either. Making the decision to keep the festivities to our fun family of five was the easy part. 
We finally settled on spending time at the Children’s Museum (as per his gift from my mum) followed by a swim at a nearby YMCA followed by chinese takeout and birthday cake.
Our day started with some hearty blueberry pancakes and then we bundled up and headed to the museum. And bundle up we did as today also brought along a -34C windchill (-29.2F).
The Children’s Museum was FABULOUS. I hadn’t been in a few years in which time renovations took place. I’m not sure how much they spent to renovate the place (it certainly needed) but I feel as though my tax dollars were well spent. The boys were able to run and play and do all sorts of activities. They even had a special place for babies but we didn’t test it out as Evelyn was happy in the carrier. It’s such a nice clean and bright space now. The layout is fantastic too as you can see easily from one end to the other and not as many places to lose sight of a kid as the old layout.

Inside the optical illusions display. Lots of fun lights and spinning things.


The boys checking out some mighty machines. The Caterpillar actually fired up so the boys could control the hydraulics. They loved the train too, especially sitting in the conductor's chairs.

They loved spending time at the water tables.

These are pictures of the Lasagna Lookout. It's a jungle gym with a full on pasta theme which includes pool noodle "noodles" a sauce section and even meatballs (like a hanging exercise ball). 

I seriously love these pin things. I can not resist shoving a hand or a face in them. 
Fortunately my family likes them too.

Making some art at the PopArt centre. Vik got right to work drawing what else? Angry Birds. Max is quite the artist too eh? Daddy actually drew the car and then Max took over :)

After the Children’s Museum we headed over to the pool. We even lucked out as it was our first time there so they waived the family drop in fee. SCORE!!! The YMCA we went to also underwent some renovations a few years ago. Our time there was a great experience. The family change room was nice and roomy, important when you have five people to get changed and keep wrangled together. 
The kids all had a blast swimming. It was surreal though sitting in a heated pool while just a few feet away people were shivering as they walked past, separated from the frigid temperature by just a few inches of glass. It was lovely though. I would have liked to check out the hot tub but I thought it would be too hot for Evelyn. Daddy and the boys went in it though after Evelyn and I went to shower and Vik told me all about the all the bubbles after.

I wish I had pix of swimming but I find they never turn out. Something about the chlorine in the air. Too bad too because Evelyn got a very cute new swimsuit. I guess those will have to wait until summer.
After swimming we hit the party store to pick up a few balloons and then picked up the cake at Safeway. My sister (Auntie Rachael) came over and joined us for the chinese takeout and birthday cake.

Of course...the Bat Man cake.

Our initial plan had involved a trip to the arcade tonight but it is just too cold. Now with the sun down we have a -41C windchill (OMG!!) which comes with a wind chill warning. I just did not want to take the kids out into that and run the risk the van not starting after. 
We are spending the rest of the evening cozied up at home. I hope after such a big day the boys go to bed easy tonight. They should be tired. I wish I could make all days like this. Full of fun activities, but I know that just isn’t how it goes. Tomorrow it is back to the regular same old.
Celebrating family and special days. That makes this Mamma and family uber happy.

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