Wednesday, 8 February 2012

De-stash to Re-stash

A while back in the fall you may recall that I decided to start cloth diapering (if not you can catch up here). I had a fairly decent strategy in place. I would try a bit of this and a bit of that and then stock up on the things that I liked best. In addition to that I would try to keep the pricier diapers in gender neutrals and the less expensive covers in the girly prints. While the latter strategy proved to be a bust (there are just too many dang cute girl prints out there) the former certainly has proved to be useful.

I actually use that strategy with a lot of things. If I am trying something totally new I get a sampling and see what I like. I do it with tea, with body products or cosmetics and many other things that don't require a massive investment. Since cloth diapering though does cost a lot in start up many places do sampler/trial packs but for me that wasn't an option. The way I did it allowed me to try exactly what I wanted and now I can sell the ones I don't want to pay the way for more of what I do want.

I have come a long way in my preferences for diapers in the last few months. On my initial review of my then stash I had tried maybe half of what I have tried now. Things I liked then have been beaten out by stronger opponents and there have been some complete and utter failures. Please keep in mind though that these are MY preferences and what works best on MY baby. Others may have completely different experiences.

I would like to share with you a bit of where we are at now:

Top Fav
1. TotBots
2. Bumgenius Pockets
3. Charlie Banana
4. Happy Heinys with snaps

Bottom of the Class
1. Grovia AIO
2. Fuzzi Bunz
3. Softbums Omni

The Fuzzibunz and the Softbums while they are fantastic diapers just weren't for us. They are both great quality. It's more of a fit thing. Each diaper sits differently and tightens differently so some just don't suit all babies. The Fuzzibunz specifically is a fit thing on my part. I find them hard to stuff but luckily with the new Elite I do not have that problem. I am happy with those. I am sure the Grovia are fantastic to some too but so not for us. I find they do up awkward and are rather leaky.

Honorable mentions: Grovia Boosters. Thirsties Inserts. Blueberry Wraps. Kangacare Wetbags. Fuzzibunz Cloth Wipes.

So now I am in the process of deciding prices and getting pix ready to post them online to sell. I am planning on using the proceeds from the destash to add a few of my favs to my remaining stash. Believe it or not there are even still a few things I would like to try. There are a few custom places that I am waiting for some friends to weigh in on and I would also love to try Kawaii or Sunbaby. Those will have to wait however until I can stock up on the winners.

Also in cloth diapering news...we have a dryer again AND a diaper sprayer installed!!!! If I liked it before I certainly am continuing to enjoy it now. Yeah there is extra work, yeah spraying poop isn't the most glam thing to do but it is all worth it for the fluffy bum.

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