Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Discovering Tea

I have always enjoyed a nice cup of tea. I started drinking it as most do, as a child. I drank what my mother had on hand. As I grew older I dabbled in a few basic loose teas and then settled on liking earl grey. My preferred choice. On occasion a chai would be nice as well. Sadly my loose tea connection closed down and regular bagged tea became the norm. Today that is no longer the case.
Enter in my friend Erin. She introduced me to a whole new world of loose tea. Erin also happens to be a tea genius. She knows A LOT about tea. What she doesn’t know she will be sure to research it and let you know. I look forward to her weekly videos on everything from How To Make Matcha to Proper Cookie Dunking Technique. I highly recommend that anyone with an interest in tea check her out and be sure participate on her highly active Facebook Page or even find her on Twitter.
Now, back to tea. It began with a nice stash from Davids Tea (where Erin opened my eyes to the ways of the loose leaf). I have also recently added some Teaopia. I am hoping to try some Tealish soon and if I’m feeling saucy I’m going to order in some pricy teas from Bellocq (a place I read about in the most recent issue of Martha Stewart Living).
Needless to say I have been doing a lot of experimenting and sampling. Finding what I like and what I certainly do not like. One of my recent experiments was purchasing the Kids Tea Pack from Teaopia. My children have already enjoyed many of the teas I have tried so I thought getting them some tea just for them would be nice. I mentioned it to Erin who asked me if I would like to review them for her blog. Without hesitation I said yes. 
The last few days have been filled with taste testing four different flavors marketed as kids tea. We tried them as hot tea and also as iced tea. 
I will say here that while my intention was tea for the kids I may have found some new flavours for myself as well. If you would like to read my full review please head on over and visit my friend Erin and check it out.

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