Friday, 27 July 2012

Nature Project: Week Six

Wow! Week Six already? That means summer is flying right on by and before we know it the crisp fall nights and then days will begin. I already can see how much darker it is now than it was a week ago. Honestly I didn't think we were six weeks into summer yet. I really feel a fire lit under me now to get the most out of our limited summer.

All that being said, week six also means a new activity. The title of this week was called "Handy Plants". We learned a little bit about seeds and pollination. Concepts that I think the boys sort of understood but sort of didn't. The actual activity component is a bit more of a wait and see kind of thing so I am hoping over the next few weeks the boys will get a better understanding.

The activity was actually kind of fun. The author suggested grabbing an old pair of wool socks or wool mitts and finding a place outdoors that would have flowers past blooming stage and grasses growing. The child puts the sock or mitt on their hand and runs it over the plants. The hope is that the wool of the sock or mitt will catch and grab the seeds.

Here are a few pix of us catching some seeds with out handy socks (which Daddy donated to the cause from his work sock pile):

Once you have picked up a nice bunch of seeds take the sock home and fill it with dirt and place on a tray. Water and wait. As you can see we modified a bit and put dirt in and then placed them on some more dirt in a planter. 

So now we will wait. I really hope that these sock seeds do something.

The little Q & A that was part of this chapter was a bit difficult for the boys to grasp. Pollination has to do with reproduction which is somewhat of a subject that once you get rolling you better be ready to answer the questions. As far as flowers are concerned though we learned that pollination happens when pollen reaches the pistil and inside the pistil the seeds are made. Now, I don't remember tons from high school biology but I happen to recall there being a stamen and I believe that is where the pollen falls off from. I'm pretty sure. Not 100%. More like 95%.

All in all it was a great day. Daddy went on the nature walk with us (it's a bit of a mini trek to get to the wildflower green space I had in mind). By the end we were sufficiently sun (and sweat) drenched and there was definitely some snoozing in the van on the way home.

The next two weeks will be about water (I've been noticing a theme where the activities are related two weeks in a row). Next week is specifically about water itself. What is water? That kind of thing. The boys have some interest already in the water system so I hope to expand on that. The following week is about Watering Holes and the animals that show up there (I am EXCITED about that one, special outing is in store that day).

Until next post :)

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