Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Day After Halloween

I honestly have absolutely no idea how many mini chocolates, bags of candies or fun size bags of chips I have consumed today. Furthermore, I do not even recollect how many I had yesterday. The consumption of sweets and treats began precisely on the way from the grocery store to the party store yesterday afternoon. I suspect the binge won't be over until every confection is consumed.

I don't do well with temptation. Although Halloween sabotages my weight loss endeavours this week once it is gone I can reset. You can best be assured we are enjoying every piece as long as it lasts.

One thing though that I will happily binge on however though is family fun. With yesterday being Halloween the fun binge was on. Earlier in the week we put up the window stickers and the wire spider web. Yesterday though everything came together (as much as I can get it together around here) as the cobwebs on the front porch and the Halloween moonlights went up.

The day began with carving our pumpkins. The boys decided that we should have a Mario and a Sonic pumpkin. So off to mother google I went. I easily found templates for each and we got right to work.

The boys helped out with the hollowing of the pumpkins. 

I did all the carving myself. I have to say that I was rather impressed with the results. I am for the most part inept in the craft department (except I am a wicked cross stitcher). I really had no idea how it was going to pan out but for my boys I was darn well going to try. I am proud to say that I delivered. The boys loved them too.



I wouldn't necessarily call us "gamers" but our happy family is very much into Mario, especially Viktor. He decided long long long ago (as in last winter) that we would be dressing up as Super Mario Bros. characters for Halloween. For the most part their costumes were very easy. My favourite costumes are the ones you can do with what you have around home with maybe a few thrift or dollar store (or otherwise cheaply acquired) additions. In other words homemade/home assembled costumes rock my world.

We were able to use the boys' blue ski pants from last winter as their blue overalls. We picked up their red and green shirts from the thrift store in the ladies department (you need layerable costumes for warmth in these here parts) for $2.99 and $6.99 each. We picked up white mini gloves for 0.98 cents a pair at Walmart. Viktor already had a red hat to wear and Max wore his green hooded sweater so he was covered headwear wise too.

Evelyn and I needed a bit more. Her and I were Baby and Princess Peach respectively. I still shopped wisely. Both Evelyn's pink dress and my pink cardigan I bought are something we can definitely get more wear out of. We had to purchase the tiara's and the blue jewels which I am planning on reusing/repurposing. Even those items were on the cheap side. 

I so wanted to make a paper mache shell for Daddy Bowser but it just wasn't in the cards this time. Bowser still showed up though. A cheap character shirt at Walmart paired up with a yellow tinsel wig ($1) and light up horns ($3) from Party Stuff took care of that.

Yes, I got a blond wig HOWEVER it was 75% off so it was only $4 
(sometimes procrastination pays people!!)

We were full on giddy getting ready. The boys were so excited to be Mario and Luigi. The felt very proud when other kids commented and complimented them on their costumes. I felt pretty dang proud too. They were awesome trick or treaters, saying trick or treat, telling people who they were and saying thank you. We only went up our street a few blocks and back down and they got an incredible haul of candy (so much we had to dump their too heavy bags into the stroller bottom halfway). I regret not catching a picture of the pile of candy (on my list for next year for sure) it was almost obscene.

After our trick or treating we visited my sister for a wee bit and then headed home to gorge on the CANDY!!! We all stayed up pretty late so we all slept in this morning. It was a fun day and a fun night. Couldn't have been any better for us.

Today was beginning of a new month and also puts us 2 months closer to a new year. I feel big things coming up this year for our Happy Family. The next months will be full of prepping, planning and merriment.

Oy, I can't wait. Let the happiness begin!!!

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