Friday, 25 November 2011

Weighing In

November 25th: 211.6
Well it’s been a few weeks since I last brought up my desire to be fit and healthy which meant getting rid of a lot of excess weight. I haven’t yet done my before pictures which I know I need to. I would love to get them up and posted.
Anyways, I just wanted to update that in the last two weeks I have dropped 6.4 lbs. That’s 6 and a half (just about) packages of butter. I feel great. I have also really noticed differences in my clothing recently. Most noticable are the yoga pants I wore home from the hospital after having Evelyn. They are loose, and not just loose fitting, but saggy bum and close to falling down loose. There are a few outfits now that are just too big for me (like a pretty white and turqoise blouse and my black dress pants and my button fly jeans). There are also other things that are fitting me again and I love it (like my denim dress and my black tights).
My goal to be under 200 for the New Year is close. I can see those numbers. I have to envision them when I go to grab another Christmas cookie or a handful of chips or pop another toffifee in my mouth (which by the way are 1 weight watchers point each, I checked, after eating 12). 
In my mind I want to be 199.5 or less on New Years day which is 5 weeks and 12.1 lbs away. Thats 2.42 lbs a week. I am fairly confident that if I work hard over the next 5 weeks it will be doable. I also have a bit of a game plan:
-drink lots of tea and water
-stay out of my Flex Points as much as possible
-Oatmeal every morning
-Portion Control
-Pre count for Christmas and Holiday indulgences
I am going to be the little train that could and just keep in mind, “I think I can I think I can I think I can”. I will get over this mountain and the other side will be everything I wanted it to be.

Time to make supper now. MMMMM, homemade chicken cacciatore with tons of veggies. Yum!!

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