Friday, 18 November 2011

Snow Snow Snow

I live in a city in the middle of pretty much the whole of North America. There is no escaping winter here. Some years it starts early and some years it starts late. This year it began particularly late as the ground is just starting to turn into a white wonderland. We had few snows already but they melted. The snow today is here to stay.

I don't enjoy the extreme cold (-40 temperatures are not unheard of here). I do however enjoy a nice fluffy snow on a mildly warm day. There is something beautiful and magical about fresh snow covered trees. Everything seems quieter. It's lovely.

We got the boys their outdoor wear just in the knick of time and although Evelyn needs a little warm suit the search is still on for that. For now we keep her cozy with blankets in the car seat

Snow also gets me in a Christmas mood so the Christmas movies are in full swing around here. I'll close this short post with a clip from a very suiting Christmas classic.

Keep Cozy and Warm Ya'll!!

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