Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Weighty Subject

When I first made this blog not too long ago I mentioned in the little "about me" column a little something about weight loss. I realized recently that I haven't gone into any further detail about that. I don't have any problem talking about my adventures in weight loss so hopefully I can pass along some wisdom (or at least commiseration for some) in regards to the issue at hand, which is losing weight.

I'm trying to stop using the phrases "on a diet" and "losing weight". For starters, everyone has a diet, it is simply what you eat. Having a healthy diet is what I am going for. Some days I am on my A game and other days I fall of the wagon with a thud. Secondly, I read a cute inspirational sentence the other day that stated, "I am not losing weight, I am getting rid of it, I have not intention of getting it back". I thought that was an ingenious way of looking at it. I am getting rid of it, I don't want it, some one else can have it. If a model with an eating disorder drastically needs a fat implant, I'll be the first to line up and donate my ass.

So, here I am now, on the journey of getting rid of weight. Shedding the extra pounds that I have added to a frame that at 5'9, shouldn't be carrying so much excess baggage. I've been on this current expedition since July 1st, 2011, which was the start date for a Biggest Loser Challenge that I am partaking in. To date I have gotten rid of (notice I didn't lose) 31.6 lbs. Yup, that is correct, in approximately 4 months I have lost the equivalent of a good size toddler, or 31 and 1/2  one pound packs of butter. When I look at just the number and the road still ahead I get a little down but when I think of it in those other terms, wow, that's A LOT.

As I said though I have a road still ahead. We are on round two of our Biggest Loser challenge and I am sucking big time. I came in 2nd on the first round but this time has seen repetitive ups and downs. I've been hovering between 215 and 219 the last month. I have concluded though that it is a mental plateau, not a physical one. I always run into this predicament after dropping a significant amount (I'm not green to this whole thing). My clothes fit better, I feel better so I get lax on things. I start cheating and those little daily cheats add up. I won't go on and on about that though because it is what it is, I'll get over it as I always do.

I'll get to some of the specifics now though. The numbers. The dirty details. The tell tale of how I take care of myself. I started at 247.4 and weighed 215.6 as of this morning. I haven't recorded inches in several weeks but at the end of the round one I had lost 12.5 inches. My inches will roughly still be where they were since I'm the human yo yo over here. My starting BMI was 36.5 which meant Obese. I think that is a little harsh (or mean) and wouldn't consider myself Obese but I wasn't even just in the first level, I was in the 2nd!!! With my current weight I am now in only level 1 Obese, yay for that (insert eye roll). 

Let's talk goals. I have made a few goals for myself and I like having smaller goals to reach. The first was to get below 230, then achieve a 10% drop from my initial weight, then get below 215. My goal now is to enter the new year below 200. I haven't seen the underside of 200 in a loooooooooooong time and I would love to start the year off on a positive note to keep the inspiration going. I keep reminding myself it's a life style change, to be well and fit. At just under 7 weeks and through the holiday season that is a rather lofty goal. I usually lose on average 2 lbs a week when I am on the ball. In this instance I will have to REALLY be on the ball. The candy, the treats, the fancy breakfast buffet we go to every Advent, Christmas dinner, the booze. I have a lot of obstacles but I will my eye on the prize. I surprise myself sometimes and I plan for this to be one of those times. 

For now though I'll keep doing what I've been doing. At least until I hit a physical plateau (mind tricks excluded). What I've been doing has been working out well for me so far. I'll start saying it now I am a Weight Watchers girl all the way. I love the simplicity of the program (at least the last one, I'm not familiar with the new one). I can factor things for indulgences, I can have fun, I can bake my cake and eat it too (if I count the points).

I am also trying to move us into a cleaner diet. More whole foods. Less processed junk. With the exception of the occasional take out we do pretty good. I'm not perfect, but for the most part we eat lots of hearty clean meals free from additives and preservatives. I love unloading my cart onto the belt and seeing all the fresh produce and fresh meats. It makes me feel like I am doing my family (and bank account) some good. I got started on the clean eating kick via the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. I have a few of her books it the things she says make total sense. Like I said we aren't 100% there but are improving with every meal. I recommend any one interested in improving how they eat to check her out.

My biggest downfall? Exercise. I don't do it. I don't hate it. I just never have the time. Correction. I never make the time. I know I know. There are so many benefits to physical exercise. I make excuses. I'm working on it. I believe this may be the extra boost I will need to hit that new years goal.

On my to do list: take before and after shots. I keep thinking about it and keep forgetting. Friday is weigh in day so I will arrange for Daddy to play camera man for a few pix for comparison purposes. Also on that list is to start the 30 Day Shred, for real. I tried it a few months ago and it just about killed me. Thirty pounds less though and I think I am ready for another crack at it.

With all of that in mind I will hopefully have a good riddance update on Friday along with some "before" pix. I think I may also devote a page to this on the blog. Make it easily accessible. Until then a bid you adieu. 

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