Monday, 25 June 2012

The Fair, The Farmer's Market, and The Forks

If this weekend was sponsored by anything it would have been brought to us by the "Letter F". It wasn't even planned out that way but just sort of happened.


On Thursday evening Daddy was home from work a little earlier than usual and we decided to head out for a little drive and pick up something for supper. Little did I know that Daddy had a trick up his sleeve. We picked up a few coffees and headed west. It wasn't long until I could see the ferris wheels and roller coasters in the distance. What a wonderful surprise it was that Daddy was taking us to the fair. The boys were simply beside themselves.

We don't go too crazy anytime we go as things are ridiculously expensive there but since the kids' admissions were free (yes, for all three) we didn't mind indulging a bit. This was the first time either of the boys had been on any real rides. They simply had a blast. We also got to have a few fair treats (mini donuts, ribbon cut potatoes and beef on a bun anyone?).

Having some fun in the agriculture exhibit...

Time for some rides...

The sights and sounds kept Evelyn well entertained...


Saturday was a very packed day. We began our afternoon here: 

Well, not in the parking, but you get the idea. We went to the Farmer's Market :) Our plan was to pick up a sweet treat and some fruit to pack with our picnic for later in the day. There wasn't much for fruit yet but we made up for that in extra sweets (kettle corn and sugar cookies). Our local (15 minute drive away) Farmer's Market has a nice variety of things from woodcrafts, knitted or crocheted or sewed items, soaps, baked goods, meats and of course fresh produce. This is really some place I need to go without Daddy (he never lets me buy anything fun, lol) so I was excited when I discovered they are open on Wednesdays too. It will make a great outing for the kids and I. Plus I really want to take a better look at a few things (okay, maybe a lot of things).

Trips to this particular Farmer's Market also kill two birds with one stone as right next door is an outdoor FREE splash park. When we set out for the day the kids were already in their attire for getting wet so on the way to the van we all got to have a great cool off. The day was hot and sunny so it was just what we needed. I wanted lots of great pix but because of the heat it was so busy and keeping an eye on all three kids was priority. There will be many splash pad outings this summer so next time, next time.


We have a place in our city where two rivers connect. This place is called The Forks. It has a lot of historical value. It was a gathering place for the plains Aboriginals, it was a hub during the fur trade and it was really what spread out and eventually grew into our city. Today it still acts as a gathering place. 

This weekend was the Aboriginal Day celebrations so it would only be fitting that it were to be held at The Forks. We took a tour around the grounds and saw all sorts of vendors. It was kind of like the Farmer's Market except aboriginal style. There were dreamcatchers, pottery, moccasins, beaded wares and more. If you had gone back in time a few centuries it would have been a very similar affair. 

After a little walk around we settled down for our little picnic. We brought along our own juice, pork sandwiches, and of course our treats from earlier in the day. Daddy also grabbed some fries from a chip truck to round things out. No fruit though, dang I wish the Farmer's Market had had fruit. 

By this time everyone was beat and had reached our sun quotient. It was time to call it a day. Had we stayed though there would have been live music (traditional and non traditional) and fireworks. While the boys were asleep not long after their heads hit their pillows Daddy and I could still hear the music long into the night.

So that was our busy weekend. The Fair, The Farmer's Market, and The Forks. 

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