Monday, 18 June 2012

Father's Day Weekend

It is often rare that Daddy gets a day off over the weekend. Whether it be on renovations or band rehearsals Daddy is usually booked up at least one day of the weekend (if not both). This weekend however brought rain to our area which meant he couldn't do his regular work and there were no rehearsals this weekend which meant we had Daddy all to ourselves.

We had a fun filled weekend that included, video games, long walks at the park, river drives, supper at Boston Pizza with my Dad and many other little things that we just plainly enjoy doing.

I also got made Daddy the perfect gift. It started with a pin on pinterest (like so many of my great ideas do). It was super easy.

It was a MAN BOUQUET!!!!!

If you search in pinterest or on mother google for the term "man bouquet" you will find a plethora of pix and blog posts on these so I won't take any credit for the idea. Nor do I know where the idea originated to give credit where it is due. Nevertheless it was simple to make and in many way practical yet still fun.

To start you will need: tape, a package or skewers, and some scissors. You will also need a small sized flower pot or planter, some fake greenery, and a piece of foam. Then the fun part is picking out the fun stuff you are going to put into your man bouquet.

Step 1: Put foam in planter
Step 2: Put greenery in planter over foam
Step 3: Tape your items to the skewers
Step 4: Stick skewers in the foam
Step 5: Say Voila! and present it to your man, and prepare for him to be wowed!

I had a lot of fun picking out the things for Daddy. There were the obvious choices like a few of his favourite treats...

...and a few little mini bottles...

...I thought I had a pretty good idea to put a couple of lotto tickets in (one even won $20!!)...

...and Daddy likes these mini cigars as a rare treat..

...Lastly the BEST PART was the stuff I got from the music store...

Daddy loved his gift and I think I should do it every Father's Day. Make it a thing. Change it up a little every year. It's like a Christmas stocking in June, how awesome is THAT!


  1. We dont have kids, but this is such a great idea. I have 2 older brothers that are fathers and I think this would be perfect for a birthday present !

    1. Absolutely, the possibilities are endless!