Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nature Project: Week Two

Welcome back to Week 2 of our Year Long Nature Project. This weeks activity was called "Antics". As I am sure you can guess it was all about Ants.

We started by reading the chapter together which had some interesting bits of information. Here are a few things that we learned:

-An entomologist is a scientist who studies bugs
-A true bug is an animal that can pierce and suck (mosquito was given as an example)
-Ants are part of the insect family (and NOT a true bug)
-Ants have three body parts (head, thorax, and abdomen)
-Ants have six legs

The main activity of this week was observing how ants operate. That proved to be a bit of a challenge. Not in that we couldn't find Ants to observe but if you can picture a bunch of Ants scurrying around? Yeah, that was my kids. You have to sit still to observe.

Nevertheless we still got to see some Ants in action. We crushed up some crackers and placed them outside of the Ant hill in one of my front flower beds. A few Ants came out, gave things a sniff, but then didn't seem very interested. My husband suggested something sweeter so I had some leftover french toast from breaky. They didn't seem to hot on that either.

I was beginning to wonder if maybe we had disturbed their home too much and were more vested in fixing their home than gathering food. BUT then I saw an Ant. He was carrying a dead bug. Then we saw another Ant, also carrying a different dead bug. I think our Ants are on an Antkins (haha, Atkins) diet. They don't like the carbs. They are carnivores.

I was able to snag a picture of an Ant walking over the crackers but none took the bait.

At least we saw an Ant carrying something. 

The Q & A this weeks was asking how Ants smell. We discovered how Ants use two little Antennae to smell with. It was too bad we didn't get to observe much as the main activity outlined was to set out food, and a little enclosed space (with twigs) and watch how the Ants create a scent trail. If the boys were a few years older they probably would have been able to grasp the idea much better.

Overall we had a great time outside. The boys were sure up to their own little Antics :)

Up Next Week: THE SUN!

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