Friday, 15 June 2012

Weigh In Day (Shred Style)

Every Friday I weigh myself as soon as I get up. I then inform the record keeper of our biggest loser group who adds it to the spreadsheet. If I had a good week I anxiously await to see where I am in the rankings. I love the accountability the biggest loser group gives me. Since I don't formally attend Weight Watchers meetings the camaraderie among the losers is invaluable to me.

This week I did well. Very well actually. It is a loss that I have been working on for the last few weeks...

About 3 weeks ago I began to do the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and the Jillian Michaels Shred It with Weights DVDs. The last month (and 10 lobs) prior to starting I was having difficulty breaking through both a physical and mental (aka becoming complacent) plateau. Up a bit, down a bit, repeat. I often have slips but this was different. Adding regular exercise was the obvious no brainer.

I must admit I felt some frustration while exercising because while my diet was still pretty much trudging alone as per normal I wasn't noticing much difference on the scale. BUT after a bit of time something started to happen. I started noticing the difference in my body. I began to see the muscles forming. Things are feeling tighter, feeling stronger. I dare say I am even getting addicted to my morning work out. I have only had a few days in the past 3 weeks where I haven't run through a video and on those days I walked, A LOT. Actually on many days where I do Shred we have a big family walk as well (like last night for example). It's the endorphin high man.

Since I mentioned it I do also want to expand on the Jillian Michaels workout DVDs. First off, she kicks your behind. In a major way. The workouts are quick though. About 25-30 minutes including the warmup and cool down. There are modified moves for beginners and what is neat is that you work your way up through levels, such as three in the 30 Day Shred or two in the Shred It with Weights. A trademark of Michaels' is what she calls a 3-2-1 system. Three minutes of strength, two minutes of cardio, and one minute of abs. Two days ago I moved up to level three of the 30 Day and today I moved to level two of the Weights. I feel it. And it feels goooooooooooooooood.

I encourage anyone looking to start a regular workout to snatch up these DVDs. I also have Michaels' Ripped in 30 Days and Yoga Meltdown DVDs which I haven't started yet but will soon. I really suggest having more that one on hand because I really liked being able to add that variety between the days. Monotony and getting bored can kill your drive to exercise. Your muscles like the variety too and will thank you. Some days I like more focus on the weights and others I feel like cardio is more in order. Either way, I sweat, I make that fat cry.

So seriously dude, go, buy the DVDs. Feel awesome about yourself. They're short too. I am a mum of three with a lot on my plate. If I can fit in the exercise you can to. The boys are used to Mamma doing her workout and they for the most part entertain themselves and sometimes even join in (they love jumping jacks and pushups, go figure). It is vital I do the workout either before baby E wakes up for the day or during her nap. Working out with Evelyn in tow is like some ridiculous multi word oxymoron.

I don't want to ramble much more but I also wanted to say that for the last week and half I have also switched myself over the newest version of the Weight Watchers program. I needed to. I was getting bored and having too many slips. I needed something that required my attention again. Plus I was intrigued by the idea of 0 point fruit. I am very much enjoying my post workout smoothie. HOLD THE  PHONE...did I just say "post workout smoothie". Some kind of planets must be aligning.

A few final thoughts: still drinking tea, lots, and water, lots. Two point fruit/yogurt smoothies are AWESOME. Soup is the ultimate diet lunch, so many veggies, and so few calories. Steel cut oats for breakfast rocks.

You want to know what made me really happy today? Seeing myself back under 190. 188.6 to be exact, which also means a 3.8 lb loss this week. I worked hard for it. I deserved that loss. I know I am still a ways from my goals but this past year (almost!) has been an incredible weight loss experience. I am keeping an image of a 2 piece swimsuit in my mind too (modified of course, I'm thinking shorts and a tankini type top, but still TWO PIECE).

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