Tuesday, 17 July 2012

And then there were four...

We are a very happy family of five. Each member of our family has a special role to play. When one person is missing we feel it. I am aware of the missing presence all the time.

This week we are down one kiddo. Viktor is out at my parents' farm for a week of swimming lessons. He is having a blast and my mum keeps me informed with emails and pictures and a nightly phone call. It is his second year doing this and next year in all likelihood Max will also be going as well.

My mum has all sorts of things planned for him. She gave him his first wallet and after each swimming lesson he gets to pick a treat with the $2 she gives him. My mum is also a fanatic about kids having little jobs so no doubt he has all sorts of little chores for him to do. One of his favourites from last year was setting the sun tea outside to steep. Last night he got to mow the lawn with my Dad. Who knows what else they will be up to. I do know though that he will come home taller, smarter, wiser, stronger and somehow older.

That all being said we are now down to four. It's quiet. Really quiet. Even though Max and Evelyn are still around to make a kaffufel taking one kid away really cuts down on the noise factor. They don't play together the same way as Max and Vik do although Evelyn tries to play with her brother. Max also forgets how much littler his sister is and I have to remind him he can't be rough like when playing with Vik.

It is also nice that everyone gets a bit of a change for the week. Max is enjoying the extra Mama cuddles. He also likes getting to pick what to watch while I do my daily workout (Viktor usually picks all Angry Birds, today Max got Batman cartoons). Even Evelyn is getting more one on one time with me. She didn't know what to do with herself while Max had a nap and she had free reign of the toys.

I miss my boy. I miss his hugs. I miss his helping hands. I miss his smiles. I don't miss the whining, but other than that I miss everything else. I am counting down until he comes home on Sunday. He will be so proud to show me the things he has learned. I am excited to see what stories he has for me. I am very grateful that my parents give him this opportunity and these memories.

I don't like being only four. I anxiously wait to be five of us again. Once my boy is back home I will be my happy self again without a piece of my heart missing.

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