Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Weight Loss Stats Time!!!!!

This past weekend marked the end of the first year of my incredible weight loss journey. I have rid myself of excess pounds while gaining insight and strength. I have had ups and downs but have always maintained my positivity and know that steady and slow is the best path to success.

So while I usually don't try to toot my horn too loudly I am playing from the mountain tops today because I have had some pretty freaking awesome success. This post is dedicated to showing the progress that I have made in the last year. 

To begin with here are some cold hard stats:

Start Pant Size: 22/24       Current Pant Size: 14/16
Start Top Size: XL/XXL Current Top Size: L

Start Weight: 247.4    Current Weight: 186    Total Loss: 61.4 lbs

Start Hips: 54"           Current Hips: 46.5"      Inches Lost: 7.5"

Start Bust: 45.5"        Current Bust: 39"         Inches Lost: 6.5"

Start Waist: 45"         Current Waist: 38"       Inches Lost: 7"

                            TOTAL INCHES LOST: 21"

Start BMI: 36.53 - which they say is Obese 2, that sounds really mean :(
Current BMI: 27.46 -still considered overweight but nearing the lower end.

They always say a picture tells a thousand words, so I will show a bit more of the story...

This is Daddy and I last year on July 1, 2011. The start date. 

This is a few weeks ago, coincidently the same tank top.

As you can see Daddy shows the side effects of Mamma changing up the household diet. 
Looking mighty fine Daddy ;)

The is the best comparison to show side by side, my behind :)

How about some dreaded swimsuit pix.

Last Year...

This Year...

There are places where I can see a HUGE difference. At this point it isn't even so much about the weight, it is becoming more about health and fitness. I seriously have to credit the Jillian Michael's DVDs for making me more attentive and appreciative of my body. As I have said before I am getting addicted to working out. Today I even chose exercise over sleeping in. 

Now that I have gotten this far, I have to decide where exactly I want to go and then how I am going to maintain when I get there. I still have a lot of work cut out for me. I still need to drop another 15-20 lbs to get to just a "normal" BMI. I am however trying not to look strictly at that. I need a weight I can happily maintain. I am enjoying working out and don't intend to stop so I also know my figure and my body makeup is changing, yay for muscle weighing more than fat.

I had initially thought 175 for my finish line but am continually rethinking that. By increasing my level of exercise I can increase what I can consume in a day. That isn't too bad of a trade off. Maybe I can shoot for lower. Maybe I really can happily exist happily at say 165, or even 160.

Regardless of where I want to get to I know we are making great changes for our family. We are showing our children a healthier way to live. Being active and making healthier choices. The precise number on the finish line doesn't matter, there never even really is a finish line. It's all a journey and an exploration. It is a journey I am happy to be on. 


  1. You have done absolutely fantastic Jess! You look just wonderful!

  2. Incredible - really makes me want to get on this non-gravy train!

  3. GOOD FOR YOU! You look incredible! I want more details about how you changed your diet.... are you following a plan?

    1. Thank you so much ladies. Fiona, as far as my diet I go by the Weight Watchers plans to keep myself in check regarding portion sizes and measuring things out. Also tracking what I eat daily is vital, it doesn't take long for a little extra here and there to add up. I usually make great food but always eat to much of it (hazard of being good in the kitchen).

      As far as what we eat I have really been trying to adopt a more clean eating lifestyle. I stumbled upon the Eat Clean Diet books by Tosca Reno a few years ago and began weeding out the processed foods then. Obviously I still have a few dietary vices but for the most part we have very little processed food in our home.

  4. OMG Jess you look amazing! what a great job you've done. Makes me want to get cracking as well!!! :)