Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nature Project: Week Three

So, here we are, three weeks into the nature project. Surprise, surprise, we are still rolling.

At the end of last week's post I noted that the sun would be the focus, and boy did we get a lot of sun this past week. Despite the constant applying of sunscreen we are all rocking a nice tan. On Saturday we were out and about and it was HOT! On Sunday we celebrated Canada Day at the beach and it was HOTTER! On Monday we went for a lovely hike in the woods where it was EVEN HOTTER even with the threat of a thunderstorm. Would you believe that on Tuesday the mercury rose even higher to +40 humidex range? Well, believe it, and at that point we said to heck with going anywhere or doing anything except set up the A/C.

Then, on Wednesday, our day to enjoy the sun and look for other things in nature enjoying the sun, it rained. I welcomed the rain though. The earth needed it. The boys saw the cracks in the dry mud on our hike. They saw the leaves drying. I needed the rain too. It was unbearably hot. The rain cooled down the day and cooled the night even more so.

We also had a nature activity yesterday that didn't come from any book. It was a lesson that only nature could teach on it's own time. It is a lesson of the Circle of Life (sorry couldn't resist). My husband discovered late Tuesday night that my pet turtle of 23 years had died. Wednesday morning, although rainy, necessitated the disposing of his remains. We drove out to a river and my husband gently eased him into the water and in seconds the current grabbed him and took him down stream. I am sure he has provided back to the earth by now. I will miss you old pal.

I must say I smiled at the level of irony when I read the part of the activity asking about if the children could spy a reptile and it goes on to explain about reptiles. Why yes, yes they did spy a reptile. Yet not quite the context I am positive the author was suggesting.

Now. Back to the Sun.

Fun Fact! What is the Sun? It's a STAR! It is the closest to star to Earth and is in precisely the exact spot it needs to be as all life on Earth pretty much hinges on the Sun.

Tonight after Daddy gets home we will go on a bike ride. It wasn't near as hot today as earlier this week and with dusk nearing the Sun will soon be gone for the night. I think the Sun Seeking might need a do over. Perhaps a stroll tomorrow, or even just sitting in the back yard can bring some surprising things.

Next week I hope to have a special treat for our activity.
Two Words: Field Trip.
One Word: Butterflies.

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