Sunday, 16 September 2012

Homeschool This Week (Sept. 10-14)

This will just be a short little review of what we did during homeschool this week. During the week it seems like we do so much but when I look back after we are out of the thick of it it doesn't seem like we did much of anything. I know we did accomplish some things though. Some activities we flew through and some made me feel like beating my head against a wall. You win some, you lose some.

I am approaching September with a very lax attitude. Not lazy. Lax. We are going through our subjects at a nice easy pace. Introducing things gradually so as not to blow anyone's mind yet.

Language Arts
So far we are just doing a lot of reading together and a lot of me reading out loud to the boys. I like to think that we are creating an environment for reading enjoyment. I am adding more discussion after our reading. Getting a little reading comprehension in there. This coming week though brings the introduction of our phonics unit.

We began working out of our math curriculum. This is something that will require A LOT of patience on my part. I could sense right away where I was pushing too much. I must also say that I have already seen where more reinforcement is necessary and acted appropriately and sourced additional worksheets which I was immediately told were "so much easier". It wasn't that they were easier but presented in a slightly different way. That just goes to show how much difference a delivery method can make. And once again one of the beauties of homeschool :)

Max on the other hand took to his worksheets right away. At his level he is simply colouring but the concepts are there and getting nestled in his grey matter in a subconscious kind of way.

Social Studies
As always, my favourite. We continued working through our "Who Am I/Where Am I" unit. We made our Neighbourhood, City, and Province circles and after another week they should be ready to be assembled.

We also began our Canadian Social Studies Curriculum. So far we have begun to learn how to spell Canada and sing our national anthem (which we sing every morning). The boys also coloured a map of Canada. I continue to be fascinated at how they approach things. While I imagined Vik colouring the map how I would (orderly with each Province a different colour) he took to drawing the ocean currents and what I presume is the Trans Canada Highway. It may look like a mass of scrawl on the page but I know what he is doing.

Our dinosaur unit proceeded as planed with reading another chapter of our book, learning to spell Pteranodon and other relevant words and colouring a few pictures of the creature.

We did not delve into our Science this past week. I am gradually introducing subjects and concepts this month and next week will bring on some science. I do not want to overwhelm anyone, myself included.

We did a few little crafts this week. So far we are tailoring most projects to represent the season/holiday. For now we are focusing on fall crafts. The boys really enjoyed their Fall Tree Craft. Any free drawing or colouring they did was Angry Birds or Batman. Go figure.

Nothing cooler than watching your Dad's own music video for music class. That's all I'll say about that.

There it is. Our week in a nutshell. Not too shabby actually.

Before I close I would like to make mention of something totally cool I found this week. I found CUSTOMIZABLE TRACER PAGES!!!! How cool is that?? I am busily compiling a list of all the many words we will learn with this resource. So far we used it for learning to spell Canada and words for our Dino unit. Max is doing an amazing job with the tracer sheets. To get your own tracer pages go to Happy Tracing!

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