Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How About A Little Faith 2/2

If you made it through Part 1 and came back for more, good for you :) and Thanks!!

I'll add some more backstory here...

I have a fascination with other religions. I took a number of comparative religion classes in University. Not only did a gain a certain level of appreciation for other Faiths in this world but it gave me a deeper appreciation of even my own Faith. I feel that as a Christian/Catholic there is a lot that I can learn from other Faiths. In no way does the knowledge I gain from this affect my own personal beliefs. If anything it makes me that much more stronger in my Faith. I take that as a testament to my convictions.

At one point in my earlier twenties I took the Alpha Course. I don't remember a lot of specifics. I remember some speakers, I remember yummy dinners and I remember talks afterward. I know I learned from the experience. I know I grew in my love of Christ and began to see how while I understood Catholicism, I didn't really understand Christianity. I know I realized I had taken Christ a bit for granted. Without that course I also would be still stuck in a little shell where I could not talk about my Faith. At. All. I found it intimidating to speak about it. Going to the Alpha course and seeing how comfortable others were with sharing and praying together really helped me.

Speed forward to today. This moment.

I am at a point in my life now (I just turned 30! a month ago!!) where I feel a greater need to tend to my spiritual well being. I began the Good Morning Girls study of Colossians on Monday. I am three sets of verses in and I am already learning so much. The talk of hope and faith is right up my alley. I feel affirmed. I feel inspired. After reviewing the scripture and observations and discussing them with my Bible study buddy Becky I began to hear the music in my head and the perfect words. Words that are straight from Colossians. Hope. Faith. 

I dug out my Catholic study books the other day too. Getting them ready to be delved into again. Not often can you find a FREE resource that is so fantastic. The books are excellently thought out. They refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (which I often refer to as "the big green book"). The study booklets are great and the fact I can answer the tests online is perfect. Each time I finish a book and complete the test I can order a new book. So far I have worked through We Believe and We Worship. I currently have Mary, Christ's Mother and Ours on the go.

I also at this moment have my Women of Faith study guide sitting in my lap. The one about Living a Life of Balance. I am vowing right now that I will have finished chapter one of this book before I go to bed tonight. Balance, here I am, come and get me.

Speaking of balance I have done an overabundance of writing today. Time to switch gears. Dishes, laundry and a workout are begging to be done. I'll leave you with this...

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