Friday, 21 September 2012

Homeschool This Week (Sept. 17-21)

It's Friday! That means it is time for another wrap up of our homeschool activities this week.

This week didn't have a whole lot going on. It became a bit more of a learning by living kind of week. We had a variety of things going on so I figured we would just flow with it.

Monday began with a visit from a dear friend. Hold tight and I'll quickly explain. He is one of my sister's besties. His dad is our dad's bestie. His dad is my Godfather. We chose him to be Max's Godfather (along with my sister as Godmother). Not only is he a friend BUT he is also a geologist. He is a super cool guy. He goes on geological digs most of the year (except when a volunteer forest fire fighter in the summer). So when our dear friend the geologist came over he brought us some rocks. We learned about igneous rocks, deep mining, fools gold, differences between hard and soft rocks. The boys just kept firing questions and he kept answering. Next time he visits he plans to bring some other rocks samples for the boys to look at. It was a great way to kick off our earth studies. We followed up a little throughout the week with some reading of See Inside The Earth.

In general geography we continued making some more circles. It is going to be fun putting all of them together.

Throughout the rest of the week we remained a bit low key. We hit up math a few times. Viktor worked through more pages of basic addition in his workbook. I am finding that the more basic the question layout the better he understands it. We will be doing some additional worksheets to solidify before we move on for sure. Max worked on his Number 2 worksheets. He really likes getting right in there (for short bursts anyways) so I am always printing off a variety of sheets for him to do.

At first glance it seems as though we didn't do very much in the way of Language Arts. We have yet to really delve into the phonics curriculum. I am not overly concerned though. We do a lot of reading. They really enjoyed hearing A Prairie Alphabet. It is even a childhood favourite of mine. This book serves double duty as well with both lessons in both LA and Canadian Geography. There are other versions as well I look forward to nabbing such as A Mountain Alphabet. Viktor also does a TON of spelling and reading prep with all the Angry Birds stuff he does. It is CONSTANT! He knows more words than even he thinks he does.

Max did some letter B worksheets this week. Same kind of thing as his number worksheets. Keep a variety on hand and keep them coming. He blasts through them.

Music class this week was comprised of a few rock out sessions with Daddy. Sometimes we will crank the iTunes, Daddy plugs in and plays along, and we, well, rock out. The kids play air guitar, someone starts plunking on the piano, someone is dancing and someone is pretending that two pencil crayons are drumsticks on a bench.

In our Daily Wind Up Viktor continued to record the temperature, weather, and moon phase (picture), in our log book. It is really neat now being able to look through and see the moon phases like that. We also discovered some neat NASA videos that show us the September sky and what planets, constellations, and events we can see and when. Very cool. Viktor kept pausing and playing the video so he could draw it all. I also had to start a log book for Max. He was none too impressed that he didn't get to draw the moon (don't know what I was thinking there).

Today is Friday!! That means our week is also done. Today was a grocery day. I am going to start altering things so that Friday is a free day. I need the one day a week to do our grocery shopping and whatever else needs to be done. Stores on the weekend are busy enough that they don't need our level of crazy added. At first I felt kind of guilty that I wasn't getting that full five day week but now I just figure we can call it Life Skills Day. They help make the meal plan, they help make the shopping list, they help look and shop for the groceries and other necessities.

This weekend holds some a lot of house cleaning and some a lot of finishing off of a few things that we didn't fully get through this week. I have a few tracer pages for both of them in a few subjects and we need get in some more dino unit. I got an email from my parents and we know what they have been up to so this weekend we will begin piecing some things together poster board style. We may do some nature walks to collect a few items for upcoming art projects. Hopefully by Monday we are further ahead than we are behind. Here's hoping.

Is it just me or is it really scary how fast September is going by??

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