Monday, 3 September 2012

Soooooo Behind....

Yup, that is me. Always behind. I am sure I could even be found procrastinating about procrastinating about something at some point. My room in high school and University was always cleanest during exam time. Hmmm, I wonder why?

I think it is because I am always thinking. I have a lot of things on the brain. I am easily sidetracked. There is always something that grabs my attention away. Perhaps on the verge of some kind of attention deficit (no enough to make it a disorder but it creates disorder in my life nonetheless). Then I tell myself it really is because I am a closet perfectionist. I deal with it best by just not doing something. If I can't do it perfectly why try. I see these traits in my son (perfectionism, lacks attention span, short fuse, obsessive, compulsive) no question who he gets it from.

Enough of the late night psycho babble though. I have excuses to lay down for my lack of posting:

-Getting ready for homeschool. Making lesson plans. Downloading and printing off resources and materials.

-Getting the laptop back up to speed. Yeah, that put me behind in a lot of things. The downed laptop threw wrenches in a lot of things and I am now finding myself recreating a lot of documents I had before. NOT fun times.

-Baby E has been a cranky sleeper. That has completely sapped all my evening time. I am on stolen time right now even. Daddy wonderfully helped her crank herself to sleep but it is a ticking time bomb as to when she will wake up. Crossing my fingers.

-Max has been taking late afternoon naps. Again. Every so often he dips back into this weird habit of having an afternoon nap. I am suspecting it is related to growth spurts. That leads to him not going to sleep well in the evening. Right now he is hanging out on the stairs nowhere near sleep. His late nights are later than I want to be awake.

-How about life? Yeah, pesky how life just gets in the way. Not even big things mind you. Just little things like laundry and dishes and cooking and kids. Believe me the number of pants I wash and the number of bowls and spoons we go through in a day would knock socks off, but I don't want to wash more socks so I won't say.

That really doesn't actually sound like much does it? Makes me feel even worse for not posting more when I see that what I have been doing doesn't amount to really anything.

Something I am trying to do though is create more order and balance. We are getting better though. Step one: The Mighty Meal Plan, has been going over swell. And step two: Implement Homeschool Schedule, should also go fairly decently. It will come together. It will come together. I will repeat that until it does. It will come together.

That is about it right now. I am procrastinating about doing the dishes right now, hence why I am writing :) and there is a kid on the stairs that needs to be led back to his bed. I have a few post outlines under way (more for the iHomeschool Blog Hop and Nature Project update to name a few) and a fun baking idea.

Part of the whole schedule/order/balance thingy includes allotting better time for blogging. I suggested to Daddy I need a few hours a week to get a coffee and take the laptop with me. We shall see about that one.

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