Monday, 17 September 2012

Peak 313 Challenge Check In #1

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken". Ecc 4:12

How true those words are in my life. I may have made significant changes in my health and fitness. I may have lost a significant amount of weight so far. But I have not done this alone. I have the support of family and friends. I have an online network that gives me ALL my accountability. I HAVE to weigh in every Friday. I have people who are even now looking to me for advice and inspiration on their weight loss journey (talk about pressure eh?). Just as the words say, if I were alone in this I would have been overpowered long ago by temptation. If it were just me with one supporter I could maybe have a good defence but what of my offence? With the multi levels of support I have nothing can stand in my way.

I would also like to take this verse one step further. A cord of three strands can refer to many things. Not only does it refer to the connection of people but it means something even deeper. It is the connection between mind, body, and soul. Strength of mind and strength of soul are contributing to my strength of body. There is so much to be said for will power and motivation and determination. Bind these together and you have yet another cord of three strands.

I feel very good about this past week's challenge. The challenge goal is to exercise four times this week. I did it six days. Here is a look at my fitness accomplishments this week:

Monday- Extreme Shed and Shred Level 1
Normally this workout takes 45 minutes including warmup and cool down. I was only able to make it through the warm up and 2 1/2 circuits. I believe that would put me at about 20-25 minutes of heavy exercise. If Evelyn hadn't woken early from her nap that day I would have completed the entire level. Yes, I am blaming the baby, and her incoming molars.

Tuesday-Ripped in 30 Level 4
This is a half hour workout. I can describe it in one word. Intense.

Wednesday-Extreme Shed and Shred Level 2
This time I got through the entire 45 minutes of Level 2.

Thursday-Shred It with Weights
This is a 25 minute kettle bell workout. I <3 the kettle bell workout. This is a lower impact workout but still heavy exercise. So far I am using a 5 lb dumbell but I hope that I can upgrade to an 8 or 10 lb kettle bell soon.

Friday-40 minute walk X 2
The first walk was an afternoon trip with the kids to the grocery store. I could have taken the van but decided to walk instead. The second walk was a family evening walk. Usually our full family route takes us an hour and a half but Daddy had a long day so we cut the walk shorter than usual.

Saturday-OFF DAY

Sunday-Interval Jog/Walk 30 minutes
I am now up to 3 minute jog intervals. I was actually surprised at how easily I breezed through the 3 minutes each time. I started to really feel as if I was creating a decent stride. My eldest often will go jog with me but at age 6 he just can't keep up (and I don't get the jog I want). We came up with a fantastic solution. He rides his bike alongside me as I jog. I loved it and he loved it. Chasing a bike sure helps get that stride gong too.

Exercise aside I did very well following and journaling my weight watchers points. I only used half my weekly flex points and I didn't eat any of my earned exercise points. Those have been goals of mine for a quite a while.

All my hard work this past week though did really pay off. Between diet and exercise I dropped 2.6 lbs. Woot Woot!

Since it is Monday again I have a new verse to print out and I am working up the ambition to do a workout. Not sure which one to do. The boys just finished watching some Power Rangers so maybe I'll fire up the Shed and Shred Level 1 again. Get in some kick boxing :)

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