Monday, 10 September 2012

Just What I Need

In the past 14 months I have gone from 247.2 lbs to 175.6. It has taken loads of determination and motivation. I have had mental plateaus (where I become complacent) and I have had physical plateaus (where my body needed an extra nudge). I have had weeks where I have had fantastic losses and weeks where there have been gains. Through it all though I have remained positive and have become enlightened in the process.

When I hit 200 it was a game changer. My body hadn't seen the underside of 210 since I was 19 and even then it lasted for only a few months. I knew if I was going to continue I would have to start exercising. I had lost 47.2 lbs through diet alone (with some mediocre and sporadic exercise, a few times a month). So that is how I started to Shred and that is how I became a bit of a fitness nut. I feel incredibly guilty if I miss more than my rest day and sometimes have to remind myself to take a day off.  If I do miss a day it is usually because the window in which I exercise (Evelyn's nap time) gets messed up.

I am currently in the best physical shape I have EVER been in. Lighter than I was in high school AND with added muscle. Yet there is still so much work to be done. I am seeking a goal weight of 150 lbs. I have 25 lbs left to go. The first 50 lbs took half as long to lose as the last 25 lbs. I fully understand that the next 25 may be twice as long as the last. That is hard to swallow. I am afraid of wussing out and altering my goal to a higher weight. I am afraid that maybe my body isn't meant to be 150. I am afraid that 150 is a weight that I can not maintain happily.

To my extreme luck though I discovered the Peak 313 Fitness Challenge. It is (as the post title says) Just What I Need! I truly LOVE the spin that she puts on fitness. My body is a gift from God and it is my duty and privilege to take care of it. So simple. This also helps me in my quest to eat whole foods. I am not putting any chemicals and junk (90% of the time) into this body, no way.

There are a few components to the challenge. Checking in via Twitter (#livingandactive) and Facebook. Linking up with a blog post. There also is a prize (which I actually didn't even realize until today). I have also added the Living and Active button to the left column of my blog (buttons are such a cool way to show support and solidarity). This challenge runs for 5 weeks so every Monday for the next 5 weeks I will blog about how I am doing, my plan and all that jazz.

My Plan
My plan is to pretty much continue as I have. I do a Jillian Michaels Shred DVD almost daily and they average 25-45 minutes (when I am extra crazy I have done an 80 minute one but that is usually reserved as punishment for a weekend of bad eating antics). I also have been dabbling in some Couch to 5K running. On my run days I often feel ripped off in the strength training so I will be checking out some of the Peak 313 youtube videos and workouts to take care of that.

As far as diet is concerned again I will continue as I have. I am a Weight Watchers girl. I am a point counter and see foods in terms of points (made up of protein, carb, fat, and fibre). All the food I make though is nutritionally sound and for the most part always has been, it is the portion control aspect I need. I am also a mostly clean eater. There is very very little processed food that enters our home and if it does it is usually something specific I need to add to a recipe (or something my mother or mother in law have sent for the kids). We don't do packaged cookies or treats as I do all our home baking. After a few years of cleaning up I can't even eat a lot of processed things as I will get a rash in my mouth almost instantly. I am no longer desensitized to the additives and preservatives.

My Accountability
I am part of a network of wonderful ladies who I am doing a biggest loser challenge with. We have been doing the challenge since July 1st, 2011 and are now on round FIVE! Together we have lost over 300 lbs, at least. We chat back and forth and give each other tips and and ideas and support. It is great. Without them my transformation never would have begun. It started as a way for everyone to lose their baby weight but for me became entire health overhaul.

To date I have come in 2nd twice, once I had to bow out (due to personal reasons) and once I didn't make the top three but must have been at least 5th. This round, this is MY round to win.

My Hopes
I hope that between having the Peak 313 Challenge and Round 5 of our Biggest Loser challenge that I will be able to blast off these last 25 lbs.

I hope that I will continue to make healthy choices for not only my body but for the bodies of my children as well.

I hope that I can increase my will power where my home baking is concerned. That is my big downfall. I'll make a pan of uber healthy granola bars but it doesn't take many before the points really add up.

I hope that the Peak 313 exercises will give me a boost to my jogging days so I can go from dabbling in jogging to actually being a jogger. I won't feel gipped strength wise if I add the exercises which will encourage me to jog more. That is my theory.

My Prayers
I am praying for the mental strength to achieve my physical strength. Motivation and determination don't come easy.

I am praying for the ability to resist the temptations of seconds, the extra handful of chips, eating the whole chocolate bar (current fav is the Lindt Dark with Chilli added, WOWZA).

I am praying for, and I know this sounds materialistic and superficial runners. I have only one pair that is a few years old. Slightly more of a fashion than function kind of runner, kind of like a basic walking shoe. They don't have the cushioning and stability for what I am doing. I also have very weak ankles, especially the left which suffered a break a few years back. My ankle is causing me a lot of pain and has more recently been requiring me to have more off days than I would like. In a way new runners are a necessity. Trouble is that the higher performance runner you need the more expensive they get (heck even basic ones are $100). I have my eye on a few and am waiting praying for a sale. Selfish I know but rolling an ankle is not good and I am afraid I am doing more damage the more I stress it.

I will close this post now. Evelyn has drifted off and I must put her in her crib. It also means that my window to exercise has opened. I think I will hit up the level four in the Ripped in 30 DVD. Afterwards I will make myself a pineapple, banana, and strawberry smoothie. Yummy!


  1. Hi new friend! Found you on the Peak 313 site and about fell out of my chair when I read our similar goals!! Am a mama to four and sitting at the 175 mark working and praying my way to 150...too funny! Good luck in the next few weeks and I love your blog!

  2. Hello :) Thanks for stopping over and reading and thank you so much for the lovely comments. Good luck to you too!! Now I must check your blog :)

  3. Excellent! Well thought out!! So glad to have you!

    1. Thank you so much Clare! I'm greatly anticipating what the next five weeks will bring, physically and spiritually.